SLICK CO. AROMA | Mini Nic Salt Longfill 30ml

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Pierrie Du preez
Slick Kiwi Strawberry

Very nice 👌 not overly sweet like some flavours then to be. Did not get tired of the flavar at all.

15ml Slick Aroma Nic Salt Longfill Shot Only 

Add 15ml VG Nic Shot 

This product is not for inhalation 

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavouring based in propylene glycol , Sucralose , WS23



Nicotine is Sold Separately:


  1. Open lid of the Aroma bottle
  2. Pour VG Nic into Aroma bottle
  3. Close Aroma bottle
  4. Shake well


The OG Slick! We took the classic purple grape vibes and gave it some vooma and bam! Slick Grape!


Tropical Pineapple and ripe strawberry on ice.


A fan favourite straight up sweet and ripe mango with sweet notes of mango candy too served cold and bam! Slick Mango!

Take a big old spoon of warm thick ‘n creamy vanilla custard and bam! Slick Custard!


Thick, gooey caramel tart with a coconut biscuit base and vanilla cream spooned over and bam! Slick Caramel!


Think of the best damn South African bubblegum shake you have had - now throw in some thick vanilla custard and bam! Slick Bubblegum!


Kiwi & Strawberry Juice on ice.



Not for sale or to be used and handled by persons under the age of 18.

Through purchasing and utilizing this product, you hereby acknowledge it should be handled with care, using the correct safety procedures. This product is used at your own risk.

Do not ingest, keep away from eyes, avoid contact with skin. Always use (nitrile) gloves and PPE when handling this product. Highly addictive substance. Keep away from underage persons, pregnant or breastfeeding women, animals or pets.

Store sealed in a cool dry place between 1C and 10C.

Dispose of responsibly and recycle.

Nicotine can be highly addictive and if handled improperly could result in possible negative health implications.

If ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Poison Control Services 24/7 phone number: 0861 555 777