G-TASTE | Preloaded Shoelace Cotton

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G-TASTE Preloaded Cotton

Product introduction:

G-taste preloaded cotton is to provide the most convenient, cleanest and easy to wick. We select premium organic cotton from Japan, free of impurities, natural oils and pesticides.

Packaged in a resealable travel size package, with 20pcs Preloaded cotton and 4pcs Strip cotton. By pre-loaded design, Coil Building DIY Lovers will have different Experience. If you re-wick often or are in a hurry, G-taste pre-loaded cotton is the way to go.


  • Material: Organic Japan cotton
  • Packaged: Travel Size, Resealable PackaginG
  • Packing include: 24psc/pack
  • Preloaded Cotton Diameters: 3.0 m
    Shoelace end Diameters: 1.7mm
  • Weight: 12g/pC
  • Length: Preloaded Cotton 12cm & Strip Cotton 10.5cm


  • Convenient
  • Pure and Clean
  • All in One
  • High Cost Performance
  • Safe and Tasteless

    Package includes:

    • 3.0mm X 20Pcs Preloaded Cottons
    • 4pcs strip cotton