All About Liquid Vapour

All About Liquid Vapour

Some would argue that the most vital part of your vaping experience is the type of liquid that you use in your e-cigarette.

The to main factors that should be considered when ordering your liquids is the flavour and the nicotine content. Choosing the right liquid all depends on what your preference is.

Vape Flavours

There are over 7,000 liquid flavours available on the market, ranging from the common fruity and desert flavours all the way through to the more weird and wonderful mixtures including MacCloud's Thistle flavour. 

Nicotine Content

The nicotine content of your liquid mimics traditional cigarettes but is said to be 95% safer and less harmful. MacCloud's nicotine content varies from 0 - 3mg, giving you the choice of strength. You may want to reduce your nicotine content.

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